Watir WebDriver Interview Questions

Q1. What is Watir?

Watir, pronounced water [waw-ter, wot-er], stands for “Web Application Testing In Ruby”, is an open source tool based on open source programming language Ruby for automating web browsers during testing or development of web applications. Simplicity and flexibility of Watir allows QA Tester to build tests that are easy to interpret, maintain and support. Watir work with web browsers the same way the average user do. It navigates pages, finds elements on the page, clicks links, fills in forms, selects radio buttons, presses buttons and checks results of test execution.

Q2. Does QA Tester need a license to use Watir?

Watir is open source (BSD) software and can be downloaded and used for free

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Q3. Can Watir work with a database?

Watir cannot work with databases like MS SQL, Oracle or MySQL, but like other programming languages, Ruby gives Watir the power to connect to databases. QA Tester just needs to find the proper Ruby library for database support.

Q4. What browsers and operating systems are supported by Watir?

Watir was initially developed to support Internet Explorer browser only. It is currently possible to do test automation in IE 5.5. 6, 7 and 8 browsers on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server,Windows Vista and Windows 7. The newest version of Watir has support for Firefox through automatic installation of FireWatir. There are also SafariWatir targeting Safari browser on the Mac and

watir-webdriver with support for testing in Chrome, IE and Firefox browsers.


Q5. What are the disadvantages of using Watir as testing tool?

Watir can not control browser plugins like Java applets, Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

Q6. How do you use Watir in your company?

QA testers use Watir framework for browser based testing of our Web site. Test team develops and supports fully automated Watir tests covering a range of the web site functionality at the browser level. In addition, we have several half automated Watir test so manual QA Testers can avoid the chore of filling out long form fields and pressing buttons to get through web site flow, but can still inspect

what iss going on and validate that web site appear reasonable.

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